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Maxthon Free Download

free download

Maxthon is a Internet Explorer improvement that increases its capacity and it has incredible tools.

It adds surfing with tabs such as the famous Opera or the famous Firefox, this makes navigation more comfortable and you’ll be able to have all the pages you want in just one window.

It incorporates a popup block, this version also includes some plugins such as Mozilla_2, TCPort, AIRoboform and some others that the free version doesn’t have.

In this version Maxthon we find a browser completely renovated as compared to the previous one.

An improved and differentiated interface, really nice and intuitive for the user.

In this new version Maxthon counts with different languages and the possibility of entering into an individual session by means of passwords.

It ahs the possibility of incorporating a download accelerator, support for skins which you may install and download in a free way.

free download